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Medical Billing & Coding Jobs

The back office operations of a medical practice are what guarantees that patients are served and that financial resources are available to fulfill the practice’s mission of promoting health.

Care can only be delivered if supplies can be purchased and staff salaries are paid. While physicians and nurse practitioners and physician assistants and qualified technicians are needed to deliver health care, medical billers are needed to provide the appropriate reimbursement to continue operations.

Opportunities for medical billing and coding jobs expand even as the health care field grows to be an ever larger part of the national economy.

Somebody needs to do the paperwork. As specialized bookkeepers, medical billers and coders translate documented, medically necessary services into universally accepted code so that third party insurers and government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, will remit contractual dollars for those services.

The field requires specialized knowledge of documentation requirements in order to translate medical records into established code that will be understood according to the guidelines demanded by each payer.

Medical billing and coding jobs require trained specialists fluent in a numerical language that can match diagnoses to procedures to accurately describe what happened in the exam room and why.

In an increased regulatory environment, medical coding and billing specialists will be more in demand than ever before.

As health care services multiply, so do the ways they are reported. This is a field that is seeing no end to its expansion and the rewards for trained professionals will also expand.