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Medical Billing & Coding Certification

As health care administration’s regulatory environment grows more complex, there is an increased need for medical billing and coding certification for back office staff.

By passing a medical billing and coding certification exam, people gain an advantage over the competition in this expanding segment of the national economy.

Medical coders and billers have an intimate knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the specialized language and abbreviations of medicine, treatment protocols and documentation standards.

They translate medical records into code to communicate with insurance companies and government agencies to ensure accurate reimbursement for medically necessary services. They tell what a payer what was performed and why. They are the ancillary staff that ensures that everyone else gets a paycheck and that there are ample supplies on hand to treat patients.

As specialists, any proof of the mastery of the many issues that concern medical coding and billing is important. Certification grants a professional status and commands respect, not only among peers but also with managers.

By having proven that a coder or biller is on top of current standards in the trade, certified personnel command higher salaries and have more opportunities and career paths open to them.

As the field becomes more complicated, increased training and accredited certification are becoming more and more required even for entry level positions. Certification cannot be neglected in today’s job market.