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Medical Billing & Coding Careers

Medical billers and coders are employed in large, metropolitan hospitals and in small, rural clinics.

No matter what the place of employment, medical billing and coding careers are growing wherever medical services are delivered.

Medical coders are trained to transcribe written documentation of medically necessary services into universally recognized codes.

A medical billers’ task is to fit these codes into accepted formats to ensure proper reimbursement for these services and navigate the regulatory and contractual requirements to guarantee timely cash flow to a corporate entity so that health care operations can continue and expand.

The two disciplines are intertwined and many professionals fulfill both roles of coder and biller at the same time. In a small medical practice, the two professions are indiscernible. At a large hospital, the responsibilities are usually divided, but each must be aware of the demands and requirements of the other.

Health care is an every-changing field in which regulatory demands change every year. For this reason, medical billing and coding careers expect that experts be properly trained and keep up with their credentials.

It is dull stuff for the most part, pushing papers and entering data, but it is a vital part of how medicine is delivered to deserving patients and lives are saved. Treating disease isn’t reserved to direct practitioners. Support staff has its important place in the system.